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About Colabtek The Collaborative Lab Technologies Stop

Colabtek operates on two concepts. Service is delivered by an experienced service person who takes care of the customer and make sure the little details were completed. Your chemist does chemistry and our service person makes sure they can do chemistry without distraction. Service persons complete tasks in a low maintenance way. Nothing is left for the customer to wrap up after the service visit. The new concept rises from being connected. Most small companies have one chemist who does chemistry and watches over the instruments. Maybe a number of chemists each worry about their own instruments. And each instrument may have one or more vendors who need to be coordinated. Each chemist has a backup person in case the first line person gets sick or quits. Chances are excellent not one of these chemists is an expert on even his primary instrument. As a result the company needs OEM service contracts which still need to be managed by a chemist. Colabtek offers to be an alternative. Connect with us online or by phone and we will give you honest unbiased info about the choices you have.



  Cold Head and Compressor Service

Colabtek will connect you to years of experienced Cryo experience. For the Acedemic sites let us come in and change that cold head for a fraction of the price and double the duration. Savings of over 50% are well within reach. Emergency cryo service is available at the fraction of the OEM cost. All collaborators are known names in the service field. Cryo Vendors are known and used by big Pharma.

cryo services


Colabtek can bring Liquid Helium to your site and fill your magnet in just over an hour.

Prices can be quoted by the fill or by the year. Liquid can be included in the price. You save in hassle and price. See Cryogenic fill services.

Equipment and Parts



Used vintage NMR consoles and magnets for installation on your site. Your cost is for install and maintenance.

Consoles and magnets

Cryogenic fill services


Colabtek now offers service support for NMR facilities including a standby service for the Nmr Administrator who can never get away.




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