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  Colaborator's List

Thank you for checking our list of colaborators who wish to be introduced to you. Leave us a message or contact us and we will hook you up. Soon we will make it much easier as our web site expands. Join as a member and these funds will help us serve you better.


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Customer-NMR-Service will run samples for you with 24 hour turn around at your door. Ask for sample service on the Contact us page. Samples will be run at 400MHZ unless otherwise specified. colabtek will be in touch within 24 hours to be sure all connections were made and you were well served. As with all colaborators we will insure you are well served.


Open technologies, Inc will support networking in Solaris, Linux, or windows. Also support legacy Varian nmr and magnets in the Midwest. 20 years of experience in networking and Nmr and magnets. let Colabtek hook you up and insure all your needs are met.