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  Thanks for asking about NMR Services

Colabtek offers Support for Nmr Labs


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Schedule PM's! Call on us to run standard routine maintenance on Varian legacy systems up to Inova.

We provide PhD applications support and training thru our PhD's who collaborate with us.

Ask for us to quote on cyrogenic services.

For the key NMR person ask us about our standby service. Vacations go so much better without the interruptions of a problem unattended back at the work site.

Train your new operators! Call us and we can train your operators and Key maintenance persons.

Call us for those special samples. Don't want to swap probes. Call us for 24 hour turn around.

Ask for a quote on service contracts. Our contract offers extra bonus of a included basic operator training, emergency samples, and nmr lab cleaning near magnet. At the equivalent price of the OEM.