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At Colabtek we hook up experience with the need for that experience.  Colabtek is a provider of experienced service and information.  Many companies and institutions need extra help. Colabtek can offer that extra help.

Colabtek can help in many ways.

Let us support you by phone and keep the lab running when the key person is away.

Let us support you on-site with repair and also additional proffessional services.

Off site support services are available while the Key Person is gone. With a short prep call we can cover you by phone.


Onsite rates: Emergency 24 hour response $120.00/hour
  Routine Response two day $100.00/hour
  Seven Day Response $85.00/hour
  Flat rate jobs $1000.00/day
  Part Day (6 or less hours) $500.00/day

Training-Operators and Maintenace $775/day

Magnet service by individual Quote. Generally $1000/day

Acedemic discount 20%

Travel charges may be applied to on-site service.

Standby support $1000.00/year

Offsite standby offered as part of yearly labor contract.

Phone Support $50.00/hour


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